Browser & Compliance Statement

Businesses today have a social and legal responsibility to ensure their websites do not discriminate against disabled users. When developing website solutions, we always code to industry standard W3C (world wide web consortium) standards. It is a strong possibility that these standards will soon become mandatory by law in the UK.

Cross-Browser Solutions
Users access the internet via a number of different platforms and browsers - some operate Apple Mac machines, some PCs. There is also a huge choice of web-browser software packages available to the internet-user today.

We always strive for cross-browser, cross-platform compatibility taking every effort to ensure products will work well 'across the board'.

Although it is impractical to test websites on all platforms and browsers, all products and services offered are fully tested using the most popular of internet browsers (according to W3C statistics) - Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox.

The latest versions of these browsers can be downloaded using the links below:
- Microsoft Internet Explorer
- Mozilla Firefox

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