Hosting, Email & Domain Registration Services

What Is Hosting?
Every website requires hosting. Hosting is basically the 'storage' of your website on a computer that has a permanent connection to the internet. This allows your site to be accessed and viewed from anywhere in the world, at any time.

We offer commercial hosting and email solutions to all web design clients. These hosting packages are competitively priced and include full support.

UK Datacentres
Web sites are hosted by JPR Freelance on servers running in secure UK data centres. Furthermore, these servers are dedicated to JPR Freelance clients meaning they not affected by third-party websites consuming server resources etc.

A domain name is an internet address that visitors can use to directly access your website via a browser. For example, the domain name for this website is ''. A domain name is very important for your website so that your customers can find you, and so that you can advertise your site on any business merchandise, advertising or commercial documentation.

Many different types of domain names are available including, .eu and .com addresses. We can offer advice or handle domain registration & renewal requirements on your behalf.

Once your domain has been purchased we can offer full web design services and hosting for your new website, in addition to ongoing optimisation services to increase traffic to your website.

Bulk Email Services

Bulk emailing is the process of sending electronic mail-shot advertising automatically to a predifined set of email addresses, often supplied in a datafile from 3rd-party data providers or from data exports from client's in-house systems. As advanced technology exists to blacklist regular email abusers, running a bulk-email campaign can often be a process that involves a great deal of care and thought.

JPR Freelance offer a fully-managed bulk-email service. For further information on this service, please submit a bulk email campaign enquiry.
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