SMS & Speech

There is an increasing demand for SMS and speech self-service applications which offer round the clock access to information and the ability to carry out simple transactions without human to human interaction. Read the sections below to find out further information on services offered in this technology area:

SMS Applications

Millions of SMS text messages are sent in the UK each month. JPR Freelance can develop simple to use SMS systems such as appointment update systems, school closure information systems or bulk SMS advertising systems. Please contact us for more information.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition technology has improved vastly over recent years. Whilst many voice-to-text applications exist on the market today, many require computer users to 'train' their installations to recognise their voice pattern or voice 'print'. As a result, many telephony-based speech recognition systems still require bespoke coding and careful voice application design. JPR Freelance have experience of developing such applications using languages such as CCXML and VoiceXML (VXML). We also have experience in SRGS grammar file creation.

IVR & Telephony Systems

If you are an organisation looking for a speech recognition or IVR solution, JPR Freelance can supply and install speech recognition and IVR systems that can support anything from 1 call, to thousands of concurrent calls. Working with leading suppliers such as Nuance, Loquendo and Voxeo, hosted or premise installations can be supplied.
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