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Please find below just a few examples of websites that we have recently worked on.

Education Commission Papercuts Craft Shop, Whitley Bay, UK

We have recently worked closely with the a design house to develop an e-commerce solution for Love Wine, based in Jersey. The website, coded and built by JPR Freelance from supplied PSD designs provides the client with a full content and stock management system.

Online payments are provided by Secure Trading, all payment integration, coding and support was also provided by JPR Freelance.

The Education Commission Website was built from PSD designs on a sub-contract basis from a media agency.

All ASP.NET MVC coding was done by JPR Freelance, together with the development of a full content management system, events calendar and dynamic online booking system. Finally dynamically-building Google maps were embedded into the website.

Papercuts is an arts and crafts shop based in Whitley Bay, near Newcastle upon Tyne UK.

JPR Freelance built to promote the business, the children's parties hosted at the store and to provide a landing portfolio website for Living Social offers.

The website is hosted and supported by JPR Freelance and full email services are also supplied.

Geltsdale Carpets & Beds Soraya Amaia Beachwear

McKeag & Co Solicitors

Geltsdale Carpets & Beds

Soraya Amaia Beachwear

We have recently worked closely with the IT department at McKeag & Co Solicitors to develop a new website that provides clients with full information on the range of services offered by the Newcastle-based solicitors.

JPR Freelance also delivered a staff intranet, allowing users to post messages on a bulletin board and easily access internal telephone extension numbers via the system. Finally a graphical claim calculator was developed.

This e-commerce store was developed on a sub-contract basis. The website offers full content management system and paypal integration.

This website was developed using the latest Microsoft .NET MVC framework. The site is was custom built with no 'off-the-shelf' e-commerce packages involved. is fully optimised for search engines, with search engine friendly code, design and urls.

Soraya Amaia is a new UK based designer of beachwear. We developed Soraya a clean, easy to use e-commerce website to her specification. has a full content management system allowing the update of page content, products and images via a user-friendly interface. The site features new JQuery scroller and zoom plug-ins to present users with a pleasant shopping experience.

Grenadine Villas Northumbria Byways Charlotte Yanni Band

The Grenadines Collection

Charlotte Yanni Band

We have worked very closely with the directors and staff of Grenadine Island Villas to produce a collection of popular, database driven websites advertising rental villas and real estate properties in St Vincent & The Grenadines.

These sites run on top of custom-built content management systems that allow staff to upload images and maintain website content. Various blogs and social networking widgets have also been integrated into these solutions.

Northumbria Byways offer rental holiday accommodation in Northumberland and the Borders and beyond in the UK.

We worked on this website on a sub-contract basis, taking control of the underlying technical coding and build of the site. The website provides a full search facility to users, google mapping, full content management and rate calculation system. The site also incorporates a blog and RSS feed.

The Charlotte Yanni band are a talented, unsigned band based in the North East of England. We have known the guitarist for many years and have had the pleasure of getting to know other band members, including Charlotte over the last couple of years. The site links into various social networking platforms and a small Paypal shop has been coded, allowing fans to purchase t-shirts and CDs directly from the site.

artificial-grass bequia windsong villa bequia sanctuary

Bequia Windsong Villa

JPR freelance enhanced the website on a sub-contract basis. Using given design templates and content, the site was converted to meet W3C standards and a full CMS system and e-commerce store were added. Working closely with Grenadine Island Villas, JPR Freelance built the Bequia Windsong Villa website from sample layout designs. We also host and support the site which integrates with live booking calendars to display villa availabliity, maintained via a CMS system. Again, working closely with Grenadine Island Villas, this website was built on a sub-contract basis from supplied design layouts. Coding was completed to integrate calendars from the Grenadines Collection website. JPR Freelance host and support this website.
Northumbria Byways brampton skips

Holiday Farmhouse Cumbria

This #1 Google ranked website was built a few years ago and has received regular updates and content ever since.

We were involved in the technical build of the website, together with coding a database-driven content management system which allows site administrators to upload new content, images and PDF material through user friendly screens. A blog has also been installed on the website and a live RSS feed has been coded.

High Aimshaugh Farmhouse is a holiday farmhouse in Alston, Cumbria offering secluded self-catering accommodation in beautiful surroundings.

The owners of the farmhouse approached us to design and host a small, brochure style website for the farmhouse with various image galleries, local and accommodation information, and a simple enquiry form. The site is well ranked on Google for competitive phrases.

Brampton Skips are a skip hire company based in Brampton, Cumbria UK. The company also supplies aggregates to the building trade.

JPR Freelance managed the technical-side of this website build on a sub-contract basis, coding a full content management system, online skip ordering system and aggregate e-commerce store. This site is built to W3C standards and runs on top of a Microsoft SQL Server database.

songsmith duo Seacliff Bequia web design quotation

Your Website Here!!

Songsmith were a piano and guitar duo that unfortunately are no longer together. The website remains, however, as a small portfolio of the duo's work.

The website was built to W3C standards and includes a small MP3 download section and embedded MP3 player which allows website visitors to preview audio recordings directly on the website.
The owners of the Seacliff Bequia holiday villa worked with friends to design a layout for their website.

JPR Freelance took the PSD-based designs and converted the website to a XHTML, W3C compliant website, handcoding the HTML and stripping constituent parts from the PSD designs. This site is hosted and supported by JPR Freelance.

Having minimum overheads, being freelance, we can build complete websites from £295!. For a no obligation quotation, or just to obtain some advice, please contact us.
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